Xpress Branding Design Request Form

Please fill out ALL sections. You must include all the necessary info in this form. If you need to add or change info, you can request a new form to fill out within 24 hrs. Do not fill this form out if you haven't placed your order yet.

On the website home page and in our policy it states that if you need your item by a certain date, then you must let us know BEFORE ordering to see if we can accommodate and then wait for approval from us (via email) for that date. If you ordered without receiving confirmation and approval from us, your date will not be honored. Do not put a date if we did not approve the date! We are not liable if item isn't received in time due to things out of our control (sickness,extreme weather, postal complications, etc) If we confirmed (as in approved the date via email) a date with you, please enter it here.


Only fill this out after you place your order on the website and check out. If you fill out the form with out placing the order on the website first, your order will not be on our list. We do not do samples before payment.

Flyer Xpress Terms & Conditions

  1. You are acknowledging and accepting that 2 revisions (chances to change design) are included in this purchase. Any further changes after require additional art fee payment. Changes must be made within 24 hours of receiving proofs.
  2. You have proofread my information and made sure everything is spelled correctly. I have made sure to include all important information. I understand that any mistakes in spelling after approving my proofs are my responsibility.
  3. You accept that turnaround time is based on how many orders are in que. No refunds will be given on custom work. Anointed Xpressions is not responsible for any damages to or arising from design work & shipments or lackthereof.
  4. You are acknowledging that you are at least 18 yrs old and paid via website with your legitimate and valid paypal account, or credit card.
  5. You are acknowledging that Anointed Xpressions owns all rights to design until items are paid in full and at that time Anointed Xpressions retains the rights to use any and all images/designs for use in her portfolio or any advertising.
  6. You are agreeing that you (the client) are giving Anointed Xpressions permission to use any photos attached on this form or in emails sent to us by you (the client) to use in any designs and materials we do for you